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How to apply

Booth Arrangements

Booth arrangements will be made in consideration of the item of concern, size of the applicant's booth, and order in which the application and payment were received

1~2 booths will be arranged at the discretion of the host organization. The placement location of 3 or more booths is negotiable

Bank Details

Bank Account No. Beneficiary
NongHyup 1218-01-001442


Participant Application Inquiries KINTEX Exhibition Team 1 FINE FOOD FAIR Tel. +82-31-995-8077 E-mail.

Booth Fee

● Stand Packages

Booth Type Sum of Fee
(VAT excluded)
Image Specifications Details
Space Only
USD 2,000 3x3m

Space provided only

Individualized booth set-up for participants (KINTEX partner)

Request applications for additional facilities must be submitted separately

Minimum 2 booth requirement

Walk On Stand USD 2,500 3x3x3.5(h)m

Octanium booth / Brand sign

Round table 1 set
(includes 3 chairs)

Information table 1 set
(includes 1 chair)

5 Spotlights (per booth)

Power supply (2 sockets- -1 kw) / 1 trash bin

● Utility Service

Electricity is 500w free of charge per Walk on Stand.

No electricity will be provided by the organizer for Space Only.

Exhibitors must apply for the electricity required. Telephone/Internet Connection fee includes lease-setup and usage fee.

Water, drainage and compressed air will be made available at fixed points via underground duct on or adjacent to the stand, It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to provide, install and pay for the necessary connection work.

All utility applications are only available through My Page on the Fine Fair homepage.

Please complete your online application within the specified time frame (2018.8.31) for smooth display preparation and progress.

Date and time of scheduled provision of utility support during construction and equipment of a display structure : 2018.9.13(Thu) / after 14:00

Utility Support Services during time : 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Category Contents Unit Price
(VAT excluded)
Electricity 220V single-phase kW USD 50
220V three-phase kW USD 50
380V three-phase kW USD 60
220V single-phase (24 hours) kW USD 80
Telephone Domestic Calls Line USD 70
International Calls Line USD 200
Internet Installation & Usage Charge USD 100
Water Supply USD 150
Compressed Air USD 150
LN-Gas Pipe work & Usage Charge USD 500

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